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Мarketing & Sales in B2B is the main area of our activity.

We help companies and businesses to set up professional marketing standards that drive you to Sales growth and to creation of sustainable competitive advantages. That is our Mission.

We believe that Marketing as a business function and a culture has to deliver much more value than it ensures today. Marketing needs transformation.

How we do it?

Our approaches are reflected in our slogan  «Relevant, Agile and just for You - RAY»:

Relevant: we use the most relevant for B2B marketing methods & tools that fit to your specific business and to your level of maturity. Our membership in Chartered Institute of Marketing, monitoring of modern methods and best practices through different sources as well our own experience ensures expert knowledge and understanding how to transform marketing in B2B organisation.

Agile: systems and models  we commission give you agility, dynamic and velocity that modern B2B marketing needs so much. But  ‘Agile’ is also the style we lead our projects, this is our mindset and our approaches in relations.

just forYou  : there is no two similar projects, and even training we adapt to your context and to your issues. Their detailed diagnostic is the part ‘must be’ in our understanding of customer-centricity.

RAY is as well about thoughtful industries Insights, proper organisation Audit, it is about creation of solid but flexible Marketing System.

We have 15+ years working experience in marketing & sales in western and local companies. We practiced marketing on different countries and industries. We can involve into projects best professionals from Russia/Ukraine.  All that give for you adapted and high quality services in large spectrum of B2B marketing & Sales tasks.


Team leader:

Фотография Юрчак Александр  YURCHAK Alexandre
  consultant / author off project B2B-Insight,
  tel:  +380 50 327 34 61, 
  е-mail: js


 We are glad to work with You